How to Set a Signature in Zimbra

  1. Go to  and select “CBG E-MAIL”


2. Login

  1. (username= your full email address)
  2. (password=your email password)


3. Select “preferences”


4. Select “signatures” (on the left side of the screen)


5. Make sure “Signature #1” is selected.

6. In the text box, type what you would like your signature to say.


7. To add the CBG logo.

  1. Find the Small 3D Logo located at
  2. You must save the logo to your computer. I would save it in your pictures.
  3. In the text box (where you were editing your signature) click on the photo icon to insert an image.


8. Select “choose file” then find and select the image “CBG_3D_small.jpg” then select “OK”


9. Under “Using Signatures”

                         i.      Primary Account should say “Signature #1” for both options.

                        ii.      Signature Placement should have “Above Included Messages” selected.

(you can change these settings if this is not what you prefer)


10. When finished, be sure to click “save” at the top left corner of the screen.



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