Facebook : Personal Page, Business Page or Both?

facebookThis is a question I have been getting a lot so far. I’ve been wanting to post a blog to help answer this for associates, and Dave Stebe’s Social Media Workshop today was the inspiration I needed.

The answer is both. Remember that this is strictly my opinion, but I will provide the facts which helped me reach this conclusion. When it comes to your business there are reasons for both a personal Facebook page and a business page. Lets begin by listing the pros & cons of having a business page.



  • Facebook will shut down your personal page if you are posting too much business information on it. This will not happen with a business page.
  • Allows you to provide business contact information, such as your website, and a map of your office location.
  • Can link to other social media platforms (such as Twitter).
  • Facebook provides tips for meeting specific business goals.
  • Advertising tools and strategies organized by product and industry are available.
  • SCHEDULED POSTS! Yes, you can schedule your posts years in advanced if you would like. This means you do not have to remember to login each day to post for your business. You can sit down once a week if you choose, and schedule all your post for the week at one time.
  • Monitor your progress. You can view how many people you have reached with particular posts. This will help you understand which types of posts are reaching more people, and what time is best to post for your particular audience.
  • Boost your reach. You can make a payment of your choice to “boost your posts.” You can also choose particular demographics to push your post to. This is paid advertising.
  • People can follow you simply by clicking “LIKE.” They do not have to wait for you to respond to a friend request to begin following your content. However, you still have control. If there is someone  you would not like following your content you can “ban” particular users.  You can also invite friends to like your page, which is similar to asking them to be your friend on the personal page, so you do not lose the capability of being able to reach out and connect with others.


  • Business pages have less of a personal touch. Which can be a good thing. As an agent it is important for your clients to feel like they know you on a personal level, just not too personal.
  • When starting a business page you may not have the immediate sphere of influence as you do on the personal page you may have had for years. You will have to start from scratch and invite friends to “LIKE” your page in order to build those connections.
  • You cannot comment or like posts on other people’s pages from your business page. You will need a personal page for this reason.
  • You do have to remember to stay active on your business page. Do not start one if you are going to let it sit inactive. Although, the ability of scheduling posts does help with this issue.

After listing the pros & cons, I hope it helps you see how a business page can be useful. However, it is important to maintain both your personal page and your business page in order to be successful using social media. There are features that are important with each of them.

Here are some suggestions of the types of posts you would have on your personal page vs. your business page. 

Personal Page:

  • Do not scream, “I’M AN AGENT!” It is unneccessary, and there are ways to let your family and friends know you are an agent without seeming overbearing. As Dave mentioned, Facebook is about building relationships, not selling your business.
  • Share interesting experiences, as seen in the example below.


  • Congratulate friends and family (with pictures) when you help them buy or sell a home.


  • Encourage clients to tag you in their posts. Let them know that this is how you build your business.
  • Post charity events to Facebook and invite friends. This demonstrates your involvement in the community, and helps your event be more successful.
  • Post about business as it relates to your family. (Remember to stay positive! Never complain about your business/industry)
  • Like, comment, and post Happy Birthday’s to stay engaged with your connections
  • Message 5 friends per week. Make sure to reach out to each friend at least 2x per year. Just a “Hey, how are ya?” will work.

Business Page:

  • Post about your business and your community. Posting about your community will make your page most interesting, and help get your followers more engaged.
  • Post photos and videos when possible. This will get the best response on most occasions.
  • Share your business milestones and awards. Don’t be shy!
  • Post engaging material, such as questions which require a response for more engagement.
  • Share Coldwell Banker Gundaker posts! They post daily content for you to share with your followers.

Facebook is a great tool if you learn how to use it! Below are some helpful links when it comes to using Facebook for business.

Facebook for Business Blog

The New Facebook for Business

Success Stories (hear others talk about the success they achieved through Facebook)


By Ashley Bynum


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