Shopping for Technology this Black Friday? What Should You Look for in a Laptop or Tablet?


It’s that time of year. Black Friday is only a few days away, and I know many of you will be buying new technology for your business needs. Many have been coming to us to ask what technology they should buy, especially when it comes to laptops and tablets. Really, the answer depends on your needs. I have pulled together a few tools to help you decide. First, here are some things to consider.

When it comes to buying a new laptop: What are your needs?

  • Wifi or LTE connection? How do you plan to connect to the internet? Will you be at home/ in office, or on the go?
  • Memory? How many programs do you plan on using at once?
  • Processor? How fast do you need those programs to run?
  • Storage? How much do you plan to store on your computer; as in documents, photos, videos, etc.?
  • Screen size? Do you need a large screen?
  • Light weight? Are you going to be carrying your device with you often?
  • Battery life? Will you be able to plug-in frequently or do you need to go long hours cordless?
  • Touch screen? Do you need a touch screen?
  • Connectivity ports? Will you be connecting other devices such as your phone/camera/etc.?
  • Video communication? Will you be using your device to video chat?
  • Number of users? Are you sharing your device with family, or will you be the only user?
  • Familiarity? Are you already familiar with a particular operating system? (What is an Operating System?)
  • Cost? What is your price range?

There are many tools to help you find which laptop will be best for your needs. Use the links below:

With PC options remember that you will need to look into virus protection.

PC’s tend to be most compatible with CBG software.

Other options also include:

Mac Notebooks: Low maintenance, and already virus protected.

Chromebook: Cost effective, user-friendly, low maintenance, virus protected. However, have more specific uses, so be sure they will fit your needs.

When it comes to buying a tablet: What are your needs? 

  • Size: There are many mini tablets out now. How big of a screen do you need?
  • Graphics: What do you plan on viewing the most on your tablet?
  • Memory: Do you plan to store a lot of media on your tablet; such as music, photos, video?
  • Reading: Are you going to use your tablet mostly for reading books, news papers, etc.?
  • Presenting: Are you going to use your tablet to present to clients?
  • Organization: Are you going to use your tablet for your calendar, contact management, etc.?
  • Photography: Is it important for you to be able to take photos/video from your tablet?
  • Wifi or LTE connection: Will you need an internet connection everywhere you go?
  • Accessories: What kind of accessories will you need such as; key board, case, stand?
  • Connectivity Ports: The iPad does not have a USB port. Many other tablets do.
  • Familiarity: Are you already familiar with a particular operating system? If you are a mac user or have an iPhone you will be more comfortable using an iPad. If you are a PC user you might be more comfortable with another tablet.
  • Cost: What is your price range?

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Most of the mobile/tablet applications for your real estate needs are currently more compatible with the iPad.

Click here to see your options with iPads

By Ashley Bynum


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