15 Ideas on What to Post on Social Media for Real Estate Agents

1. Show Off Your Sales


Let your audience know you are successful, but do so discretely. Post a photo of the buyers with the sold sign in front of their new home. Congratulate them on their new home. When possible tagging the buyers is also a great idea. Then not only are you sharing this post with your sphere of influence, but also theirs.

2. Milestones


Share your personal and professional milestones. Such as: engagements, children, awards, anniversaries, etc. Let your connections get to know you and your achievements.

3. Post Photos from Company & Real Estate Related Events


Let your audience know you are committed to your career, and that you enjoy it. Whether you are continuing your education, discovering new ways to better serve clients, or building connections, share this!

4. Working Late?


Staying up late to negotiate a deal? Share it in a positive light to show your dedication!

5. Share Your Listings


You don’t have to share your listings everyday, but as you get new ones it doesn’t hurt to promote them on social media. It’s really simple from your personally branded CBG website also. Here is how: https://ashbeyplace.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/how-to-share-your-listings-on-social-media/

There are also ways to discretely share your listings. For example sharing a photograph of something that stands out in a home & trying to start a discussion with your followers. For example: “Isn’t this the most beautiful bathroom you’ve ever seen?!”

6. Post About the Buying/Selling Process


Make your audience aware of the possibilities. Maybe you have followers that think it wouldn’t be possible for them to buy or sell a home at this time, simply because they are unaware of their options. Get them thinking, and maybe they will come to you with questions.

7. Tell Good Stories


Make sure your stories are interesting!

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Speak with enthusiasm
  • Get the audience involved
  • Give enough detail while keeping it brief
  • Make others feel important

8. Post About the Community 


Post about local news/spotlights/hot topics. For example, the success of the local high school football team. Let them know that you care about your community.

Share market conditions. People want to know what is going on with the homes being bought and sold around them.

Highlight local businesses. “Have you tried the best pizza in town?!”

There are many ways to show that you are active in the community, & build their trust.

9. Home Improvement & DIY Tips


They are easy to find, all over the internet. (especially on Pinterest) Better yet, create your own! Then share them to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you see fit.

10. Say “Happy Birthday” EVERYDAY


One of the best features on Facebook is how it lets you know when it is your friend’s birthday. Make this a part of your daily routine. Do you check your emails every morning? Make this next on your list. This would even be a nice time for a much more personal phone call, or text message if you have their contact information. A very simple way to stay in touch and show you care.

11. Listen to Your Connections


Listening to your audience is just as important as sharing on social media. Retweet, like, comment, share, and reply. Stay engaged, whatever it takes. Retweeting and liking are like giving that person a high-five for posting something interesting. Let them know.

12. Watch for “Lifestyle Triggers” 


Lifestyle triggers are things such as: babies, marriage, new jobs, divorce, retirement, MOVING. This is a good time to make a connection and possibly make a phone call.

13. Photos and Videos

Overall, photos and videos will reach more of your followers then just text in a post.

14. Mention Large Companies with a Lot of Followers (Twitter)


Reach out to people with large amounts of followers. I once was retweeted by StL Social Media Group who has 16,000 followers. This means that my tweet went out to all of those followers.

For example: If you are tweeting about your delicious Starbucks coffee mention Starbucks (@starbucks). Big companies love to retweet followers, and that is one way for you to be seen.

15. Use Hashtags “#”


For more information on hashtags and how to use them for marketing click this link >>> twitter_startup_handout

Much of this information came from the Social Media White Paper located on Coldwell Banker works. It is a short read with great examples of successful posts on social media. Click here to check it out >>> http://cbworks.coldwellbanker.com/app/ContentView?action=viewContent&content=14632785

Here are more articles with more great suggestions…




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By Ashley Bynum


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