Why You Should Not Pay for an Outside Source to Create/Manage Your Facebook or Twitter


Many agents have been receiving email offers similar to the one above, and asking our opinion of whether it is a good option for them or not.This is not necessarily a scam, and may come from a legitimate source. For a price typically between $150 – $200 they are offering a number of benefits such as:

  • Custom Pages
  • 500+ Likes, and 5000+ Followers
  • An application for searching homes for your Facebook page

However, there are many ways to reach a similar goal without spending the money. Here are 4 BIG reasons you should not accept these offers.

Reason #1

The CBG eMarketing team is a free resource to CBG Associates. We can help you:

  • Build a custom page.
  • Gain the attention of a targeted, quality audience.
  • Add an application for searching homes to your page.

As well as:

  • Help you develop the skills and strategy to manage successful pages.
  • Add custom applications specific to your needs. (woobox.com is a great FREE place to start)
  • Offer technical assistance as needed.

Reason #2 

The number of likes or followers you have is not as important as the quality of the audience. You will gain nothing from random followers that serve no benefit to your business. Also, I am sure you would like to think the time and effort you are putting into your page is reaching a real audience and leaving a real impact.

Reason #3

If someone else is creating or managing your page then the page is not representing YOU. Your page should be personal, as you are trying to create a personal relationship with your audience.

Reason #4

You must be active on social media in order to see a benefit from it. Simply having a page on any social media platform is not enough. You must be making a significant contribution to your page in order to engage with your audience.

For more information on how to build and manage your page contact your CBG eMarketing Coordinator. You can also find us on Facebook.


By Ashley Bynum


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