Reminders in inTouch

Using reminders in inTouch is a great way to keep your upcoming phone calls, meetings, and tasks organized.Reminders can stand on their own, or they can be attached to a client. Once reminders are set up you can login to see what you have coming up with each client, each day, each month, or the entire year!

Some examples of how you could use reminders:

  • When you are working with a buyer or seller, enter all of their upcominng dates (inspections, closings, etc.) into your reminders and attach them to that particular client. Login to inTouch and access this clients “Client Summary” to see all upcoming dates for them.
  • Have a list of leads that you would like to make sure you stay in contact with? Add reminders to call this lead each week.
  • When adding a clients contact information to inTouch, be sure to include their birthday and purchase anniversary. These will come up as reminders.

Each time you log into inTouch you can check your remiders for that day. Reminders for that day will be on your “Dashboard”. You can also go to “Email & Reminders” > “Reminders” to see your upcoming reminders for a certain date range. Check here each week, or each month to see any upcoming birthdays or anniversaries.


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