How to Add Facebook Reviews from a Business Page to Your inTouch Website

Step 1:  Go to your Facebook Business Page and select the “Reviews” tab . (Might be under “More”)

Step 2: Find the review you wish to add to your website and click on the ˅ and select “more options”

Step 3: Under more options, select “Embed”

Step 4: Right click and copy the embed code

Step 5: Go to and sign in. Click on    to open intouch

Step 6: in intouch, click on your name in the top right corner and select “Website Admin”

Step 7: On the left select “Pages” and select the website page where you would like to add the review (for example your “About” page)
Step 8: In the editing tool bar, select the icon for source code (< > )
Step 9: This will bring up a box for you to enter code. If you already have content on the page, you will already see code in this box. Find the area where you would like to add your Facebook review (if you would like the review at the bottom of the page, then place your cursor at the bottom of the existing code)

Step 10: Right click and “Paste” the embed code for your Facebook Review

Step 11: Click “ok” and “save” your changes to this page

Step 12: Go to that page on your website to see your review on the page. If you already had your website open to that page, make sure you “refresh” the page.

Company materials, programs, or meetings that are not for compliance purposes are optional for your use as an independent sales associate affiliated with the Company.  Your use is not required for your continued affiliation with the Company.

Go to E-Marketing How-To Guides for step-by-step instructions with images, or click the link below.



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