Market Your Listing in as Many Ways Possible in this Hot Market

Summer is here! I know you are busy, but don’t miss an opportunity to market your listing. Click the image below to view the checklist for the MANY options you have when marketing your listings!

Click the image below.

market your listings


How to Add Facebook Reviews from a Business Page to Your inTouch Website

Step 1:  Go to your Facebook Business Page and select the “Reviews” tab . (Might be under “More”)

Step 2: Find the review you wish to add to your website and click on the ˅ and select “more options”

Step 3: Under more options, select “Embed”

Step 4: Right click and copy the embed code

Step 5: Go to and sign in. Click on    to open intouch

Step 6: in intouch, click on your name in the top right corner and select “Website Admin”

Step 7: On the left select “Pages” and select the website page where you would like to add the review (for example your “About” page)
Step 8: In the editing tool bar, select the icon for source code (< > )
Step 9: This will bring up a box for you to enter code. If you already have content on the page, you will already see code in this box. Find the area where you would like to add your Facebook review (if you would like the review at the bottom of the page, then place your cursor at the bottom of the existing code)

Step 10: Right click and “Paste” the embed code for your Facebook Review

Step 11: Click “ok” and “save” your changes to this page

Step 12: Go to that page on your website to see your review on the page. If you already had your website open to that page, make sure you “refresh” the page.

Company materials, programs, or meetings that are not for compliance purposes are optional for your use as an independent sales associate affiliated with the Company.  Your use is not required for your continued affiliation with the Company.

Go to E-Marketing How-To Guides for step-by-step instructions with images, or click the link below.


Selling Yourself as a Listing Agent on Your inTouch Website

Did you know you can make changes to the “Sell” page on your inTouch website?!?!

Well, now you do!
CLICK HERE to see an example of a “Sell” page which has been personalized.

When website visitors click on your “Sell” page, the first thing they will see is an option for them to request their home’s value. If they fill out this form, it will let them know that you will get back to them with an estimated value for their home. You will also receive an alert to let you know they have made the request. The perfect way for you to reach out for a listing appointment!

First: Make a list of reasons why someone would want to list their home with YOU.
Below, is a list of reasons why someone would want to list with Coldwell Banker Gundaker. You may use the examples below for your own website if you would like. (Be sure each reason truly applies to you. Some refer to special features or applications such as FAB+ and inTouch PRO.) However, don’t forget to add things about yourself! What do you do that sets you apart from other professionals?

Benefits of Listing Your Home with a Coldwell Banker Gundaker Sales Associate

  • Coldwell Banker Gundaker is the St. Louis Area’s most successful Real Estate team. More people trust CBG to help them buy or sell a home than any other Real Estate company in the area.

  • Your listing will be featured on OVER 500 real estate websites.
  • Your listing will be enhanced on the TOP real estate search engines:,,,,,,,, and
  • Your online listing will include featured agent branding on,,,,,,,, and, to ensure all online leads from these TOP real estate search engines contact me for the BEST representation of your home.
  • Consistent online showing reports will be emailed to you weekly. Keeping you informed regarding how many views your home is getting online.
  • Connecting with Buyers in Seconds: With our “inTouch” technology, potential buyers are connected to me immediately so I can respond quickly. I will create targeted responses to inquiries on your home that are proven to generate conversations and more showings.
  • I will create a single property website for your home. This website will feature photos and details about your home ONLY, and display no other listings.
  • I will send targeted mailings that showcase your home to potential buyers who are looking in your area and price range.
  • Our paperless transaction experience helps the environment, and gives you easy, safe, and secure access to documents and the ability to sign documents. From anywhere, at anytime.
  • Bringing Relocating Buyers to You: Coldwell Banker Gundaker markets your home to more relocation buyers than any other real estate company.


Second: Get that list on your website! 
When adding the list to your website you may also include images/video to back up your points. (For example, the graph I included in the reasons above.)

CLICK HERE to learn how to add video or images to your website.

* The Power of Video: A video is the BEST content to keep visitors on your website. Instead of only having text and images on your website, record a video of yourself. Similar to a listing presentation, convince viewers that you are the BEST associate to list their home. They will get to know you a lot better from a video than they will from reading text on your website!


Third: Add an additional link on your “Home” page to direct traffic to your “Sell” page.
Your “Home” page is the first page people will see when they come to your website. Give them one reason (or more) to visit your “Sell” page.
For example:

  • Request your home’s value. CLICK HERE
  • What to expect if you list your home with {AGENT NAME}. CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for instructions on adding links to your website.


Fourth: (Completely Optional) You can add a Cloud CMA link to your website.
You can place this link on your “Home” page and “Sell” page if you would like. The Cloud CMA link would give website visitors an immediate estimate of their home’s value, and let you know that they inquired about it. This would give you the opportunity to reach out to them and let them know this is a rough estimate, and schedule a listing appointment for a more accurate estimate.

The Cloud CMA link is available in your Cloud CMA account, under “Settings” > “Lead Gen“.





Take 20! Stay in Front of Your SOI

Take just 20 minutes out of your day to manage your contacts in inTouch and stay in front of your SOI.

Just a few ideas on how to spend your 20 minutes:

  • Check your Dashboard for any “New” contacts.
  • Reach out to new contacts, or contacts you needed to “Retry” and take notes on what you discuss with them.
  • Check your Dashboard for any unread messages.
  • Check for any leads that have fallen into the “Red“.
  • Complete any tasks or phone calls you have scheduled in your reminders. (Including reaching out to any contacts with a BIRTHDAY or ANNIVERSARY)
  • Schedule upcoming tasks, phone calls, meetings in your reminders.
  • Review any contacts who have been “Recently Active” on your website. Look to see what listings they have been viewing/saving. Are there any listings they would like to see?